Our (Award Winning) Story

Where we came from and where we’re heading.

Brian Hassan and Justin Roberts first met in 2005 working for one of the largest payroll and HR software companies in the nation.

Although very different in personality, they fast became friends when they realized that they were from very similar blue collar, working class backgrounds. Both grew up in small towns and both of their fathers were truck drivers. Both were self-made and started from humble beginnings with no handouts. They shared core values such as honesty, integrity, and a desire to do the right thing in business. They forged a very unique bond from early on as they assisted SMB independent business owners with their HR and payroll needs.

In 2007, Brian and Justin started their first company together, BayPoint Benefits, a tech-enabled insurance brokerage. They leveraged and innovated the best technologies to ensure SMBs could access expedited paperless service that could be easily tracked with analytics.

“We wanted to give our technology away for free -- nobody in the market had ever done that. With no outside investment, we were able to deliver big brokerage resources but with more personalized small brokerage customer service.”
- Brian

As BayPoint grew, in 2010 Brian and Justin made it to the cover of Benefits Selling magazine as two of the 5 finalists for Broker of the Year.

They were also featured on the cover of Employee Benefit Adviser magazine with cover story titled: “How to Run a Fully Digital 21st Century Benefits Firm - while deploying sustainable business practices and values”. This recognition led them to build a new company: DoubleDesk Technologies.

In 2011, they won Honorable Mention from Employee Benefit Adviser magazine for Adviser of the Year. They were recognized as a top US broker with a core focus in the small business market segment. CNN, Fox Business News, and The Wall Street Journal frequently tapped them for their expert opinions on healthcare reform, technology, and many other small business insurance topics.

By now they’d been working closely with small businesses for years, helping them with their payroll, insurance, HR, benefits -- all the major pain points of running a small businesses. Their focus was to provide technology to streamline operations so that small business owners now had more free time to focus on revenue generating activities, rather than spending time on revenue-draining operational administrative tasks.

In 2015 DoubleDesk won the Bronze American Business Award for New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Human Capital Management Solution.

In 2015 both BayPoint and DoubleDesk were acquired.

Now it was time for something new.

"One day we had an epiphany: we’ve spent our entire careers trying to solve problems and improve the lives of small business owners. So why not try to solve what is the most critical component of being a business owner -- the ability to take payment for goods and services. Every business owner we met with was fed up with their merchant services provider and know they were getting taken advantage of but they could not figure out just how badly. This put us on a lifelong mission to change the merchant services industry for the better. With Kickfin™ we wanted to create an ethical, transparent, and honest way of helping small business owners to manage the financial heartbeat of their business -- their merchant services program."
- Justin

Kickfin K Icon

It was out of this epiphany
that Kickfin™ was born!

The Future

Credit card processing is just the beginning.

“We’re going to change the world of small business finance. We’re phasing in our own technology to own the entire ecosystem of small business financial services and reinvent how small business owners interact with their financial institutions and merchant services providers. Our goal is to build our presence with speed and clear direction. In order for us to fulfill what’s in the DNA of our company: transparency, predictability, and authenticity we need to reinvent and own the entire ecosystem of financial services for SMB.”
- Brian

Kickfin’s goal is to always give their customers the lowest market rate for merchant services, but also to provide additional financial services that will increase their customers’ business value.

For example, with services like customer analytics. Businesses are now more and more relying on customer data analytics and intelligence to make critical decisions. Do they want to know: “Who are the people who use my products? Why do they buy my products?” A small business coffee shop in Dayton, Ohio, can now sell coffee beans all around the world. Kickfin™ is here to help make that happen no matter how small your business -- or how big your ambitions.

“We understand independent business owners because we’ve been you, and we still are you. We have a relentless passion to keep striving ahead for our clients.”
- Justin

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