ACH Payments Processing

What are ACH payments?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a flexible and cost effective digital network that is used by businesses and individuals to transfer funds between the accounts. ACH digitally automates everyday transactions such as vendor payments, payroll checks, paying bills, making purchases, and transmitting funds. Typically, this form of payment is called a direct deposit or bank transfer.

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Cash flow is essential to your business, so we made ACH payments faster.

Ensuring that your business has the capability to accept ACH payments is critical to cash flow and also to fostering ongoing customer relationships. ACH also enables you to take credit card companies completely out of the equation -- saving you processing fees, and saving your customers from credit card interest rates.

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Kickfin™ provides you with a fully integrated, web-based, and customizable ACH payments solution that processes, monitors, tracks and reports single or recurring processing, returns, remote deposit capture and Same Day ACH.

What is Same Day ACH?

Most ACH payments are settled on the next business day -- or the day after that -- but as you may probably already know, cashflow is king for any small-to-medium business. That’s why we offer Same Day ACH capability to ensure that payments are processed faster. Now virtually all types of ACH payments can be processed on the same day! That’s great news for your cashflow.

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Software Features

Cut out the middleman and collect even more with our integrated cloud-based ACH processing platform. Kickfin™ offers you the most cost effective ACH payments for your business:

  • single-entry-icon
    Single entry
  • maintenance-icon
    Recurring entry setup and maintenance
  • Icon of a templated web page
    Batch/template creation and maintenance
  • docs
    Manual file upload (multiple formats accepted)
  • chargeback
    Transaction warehousing (with edit/void) capability
  • quick-pay
    Real time reporting
  • payments
    Payment approval
  • pci-compliance-and-scanning
    Verification services

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