Large Ticket B2B Payments

What are Level 2 and Level 3 large ticket payments? And how do they affect your B2B business?

If your business accepts “large ticket” credit card payments from other businesses or from government agencies, it pays to understand that the way these transactions are processed is different from consumer credit cards because...

  • Most often large ticket B2B payments are significantly larger amounts than consumer payments, and,
  • Saving 1%, or more, on these transactions may make the difference in saving thousands of dollars per year.
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What is known as Level 1 payment data is what compromises all consumer credit card transactions. This means that the cardholder or purchaser receives a limited set of data back regarding the purchase.

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Level 2 credit cards are typically used by B2B buyers and include more informational data per transaction. This works to benefit the corporate or government buyer because the transactional data includes information such as tax amount, tax ID, customer code, and more. The benefit of this added level of information is to make it easier to track and analyze corporate spending and to also reduce the risk of inappropriate corporate credit card purchases.

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Level 3 credit card payments include much more information per transaction than Level 2. The more information that is added to the transaction, the lower the interchange rate. The buyer also receives detailed reporting to allow transaction tracking from inception to settlement.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that as a merchant if you offer Level 2 and Level 3 processing you’ll be able to attract the large ticket purchases of large companies and government agencies. And as an added benefit Level 3 interchange rates are up to a full 1% lower than their counterparts! This is good for your business and also good for the purchaser -- it’s a real win-win for everyone.

However, the typical pain point of Level 3 transactions is that the merchant needs to fill out multiple fields of information - up to 100 different fields in some cases. At Kickfin™ we have eliminated this extra level of administration with our B2B payments app.

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Making B2B payments easy with Kickin’s B2B payments app.

Our B2B payments app ensures that purchasing and corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify at an optimal Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rates without any additional entry fields. When the B2B app is enabled, we check that the additional Level 2 and Level 3 transaction data needed for those payments is presented and accurate in order to receive the best possible rate. This saves you -- the merchant -- time and money.

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Payments app features

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    The app automatically fills in missing data to ensure proper interchange.

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    App ensures that additional Level 2 and Level 3 transaction data is accurate to receive the best possible rate.

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    Save money on interchange and accept large ticket transactions.

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