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No hidden fees. No nasty surprises. Just straight up, ethical merchant services with full transparency and fair, flat rate pricing.

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Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing helps you accurately plan and set a budget. We’ll never nickel and dime you because we know that nickels and dimes add up.

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We’ll get you started within 24 hours or less. Whether you have an existing POS terminal that needs reprogramming or you need a new one, an eCommerce solution, or mobile payments, we’ll get you up and running fast.

Predictably Simple
Keep more of your profits

Our hands aren’t in your pocket. Each month you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay for our services. You can rest assured that all other charges are at true cost with no markups. Guaranteed.

How We’re Different from other Merchant Services Providers

There’s a really good reason that the merchant services industry is so complicated and almost impossible to understand: it’s so that all the “middlemen” can take their cut by hiding extra fees and charges into a merchant statement.

But now we’re reinventing the industry to ensure absolute flat rate fair pricing and fully transparent fees for our customers so you can relax knowing that you’re only paying the true cost without any markups.

people gathering and a customer handing the cashier their credit card

There are many fees in your statement that may have been significantly marked up.

Some less ethical merchant services providers (MSPs) pad their fees simply because they can. They often hide fees within other fees -- and you’ll never know how much these hidden fees are costing you. Your current merchant processing statement probably contains inflated charges and hidden fees without you ever knowing it.

At Kickfin™ we want to make your money work harder for you. The result is that we give you one predictable flat rate price (unlike our competitors who charge you a percentage of your sales!). Here is an example of fees that our competitors typically mark up:

Competitor Mark Up Fees

  • Statement Fee Icon

    Statement Fee

  • PCI Compliance Fee

    PCI Compliance Fee

  • Application Fee

    Application Fee

  • Annual Fee Icon

    Annual Fee

  • Batch Fee Icon

    Batch Fee

  • IRS Reporting Fee Icon

    IRS Reporting Fee

  • Customer Service Icon

    Customer Service

  • Early Termination Icon

    Early Termination

Kickfin™ is here to reinvent the merchant services industry by providing ethical, fully transparent, true-cost credit card processing.

We Believe in Fair Business Practice

You should never feel cheated or bamboozled by your merchant services provider when reviewing your monthly statements.

We’re not afraid to tell the world that we’re here to dramatically transform an industry that has not always been fair to the business owner. We believe that your merchant services provider should help your business grow by offering fair, transparent and competitive pricing.

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Add Services as you Grow

With Kickfin™ you won’t pay for services you don’t need.

We’ll provide our services to suit where your business is at today, and as your business grows, we’ll grow with you.

  • Don’t need mobile payments today? That’s fine, let us know when you do and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Only need a single POS terminal at the moment. As you grow or open up a new store, we can provide more.
  • Thinking about eCommerce? We can help you with that too, but when you’re ready.
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Business as a Force for Good

We believe that ethical business works for everyone.

As a Pending B Corp, Kickfin™ is in the process of being certified to meet rigorous social justice, environmental performance accountability, and transparency standards set by B Lab. We’re redefining the merchant services industry with fair pricing, full transparency, and no hidden fees.

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Certified B Corporation Pending

Keep more of your profits and feel better about your credit card transactions.

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