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Your easy to use, cloud-based payments platform.

At Kickfin™, we’re all about demystifying and simplifying payment processing for independent businesses. That’s why businesses are migrating from traditional payment processing vendors to our integrated core payment processing platform.

One of the biggest strengths of our dynamic, custom-built payments ecosystem is that it’s not only easy to read and easy to navigate, but it also streamlines workflows and effectively manages all critical aspects of running a business from a single source.

Finally, payments made simple and effective.

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One of the most powerful cloud-based payments platforms available comes at no additional cost with your Kickfin™ merchant account and includes these great features:

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Get a better sense of your business with the Merchant Dashboard. View daily payments in real-time or breakdown payments to see what’s most popular at your business over time. Keep track of your customers spending habits, most profitable clients, and find out how much your average customer spends.

Comprehensive transactional and financial reports provide a clearer understanding of your business:

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Process credit card, cash and/or checks in one fast transaction with QuickPay.

Create defaults and set preferences for payments, customers, loss prevention, receipts, notifications, team members and compliance.

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