Customer Analytics

Easy to understand business intelligence at your fingertips

      Smart businesses know that customer analytics can be a powerful tool.

      The trick is knowing which information is important to help you make critical business decisions versus “information overload”.

      We take credit and debit card transaction data and transform it into a user-friendly analytics dashboard that makes it easy to see what you’re doing right -- and where you might need to change tactics.

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      Never waste a dollar on ineffective marketing again.

      Customer analytics makes your life easier because it helps you to quickly and easily learn more business performance -- and more importantly -- about your customers’ behavior so you can market to them more efficiently.

      This is the power of user-friendly data - it clarifies your business objectives and ensures you’re meeting your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals.

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      Analytics boosts your business by revealing actionable insights.

      Our central analytics dashboard provides intelligence on your competition and knowledge about your customer demographic, including key data to help you lift sales, drive loyalty, and spend your marketing dollars wisely.

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      How is my business performing?

      Understand how your business is performing using customer spend by time of day, average spend, and demographic segment.

      How loyal are my customers and how often do they buy?

      Identify customer loyalty and their purchase frequency, including:

      Repeat customers
      Average visits per customer
      Days between visits
      Repeat buyers share

      How are my competitors performing?

      With access to a growing database of over 95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion card holders, you can benchmark your company against up to 10 similar businesses in your area.

      What are my customers saying about me?

      Easily spot trends and track social activity related to specific topics or events simply by viewing the social media dashboard.

      Ready to gain richer insight into your business' key metrics, your customers, and your competition?

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