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Retail POS & Inventory Management

Kickfin’s point-of-sale (POS) and inventory platform is a comprehensive solution for your retail business. Customize inventory or stock with our specialized management tools. Our app not only handles all of your point-of-sale (POS) but also takes care of back office management and inventory -- from on-boarding to tracking simple or complex inventory.

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Merchant Facing Dashboard

We’re all about demystifying and simplifying payment processing to make things simpler for small businesses. That’s why our integrated, custom-built core payment processing platform is not only incredibly user-friendly, easy to read and easy to navigate, but it also streamlines workflows and effectively manages all the critical aspects of running a business from a single source. Finally, payments made simple and effective.

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Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Quickly and efficiently invoicing your customers and making it easy for them to pay boosts your cashflow and the overall profitability of your business. Invoicing your customers with Kickfin’s invoicing solution is now integrated and effortless. Simply customize your invoice framework with a logo, header message and your return policy. Select a customer, enter the line item detail and click send. Sending invoices and receiving payments has never been easier.

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ACH Payments Processing

Ensuring that your business has the capability to accept ACH payments is critical to cash flow and also to customer relationships. ACH also enables you to take credit card companies completely out of the equation -- saving you processing fees, and saving your customers from high credit card interest rates. We understand that cash flow is essential to your business, so we made ACH payments faster.

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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can be a complicated and confusing thing for most small business owners. Our PCI app makes it easy and fast by providing independent business owners and franchisees with the leading-edge tools and support necessary to analyze, remediate, and validate PCI compliance - at no extra charge and included in our overall service to you.

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Large Ticket B2B Payments - Level 2 & 3

Our B2B large tickets payments app ensures that purchasing and corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify at an optimal Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rates without any additional entry fields. When the B2B app is enabled, we check that the additional Level 2 and Level 3 transaction data needed for those payments is presented and accurate in order to receive the best possible rate. This saves you -- the merchant -- time and money. Learn more about large ticket B2B payments.

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Restaurant Online Ordering

The restaurant and fast food industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift. More and more customers are ordering takeout and delivery orders online via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop instead of using the phone to call in an order. For most people, especially the younger generation, using a smartphone to order food is becoming the “new normal”. Online ordering is faster and more efficient for everyone - customers and restaurants alike.

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Developer API Solutions

We typically partner with software companies and startups wanting to add payments to monetize their users and also with Point of Sale (POS) solution companies seeking a payments processing partner. We provide developers and integrated software vendors with a secure, feature-rich suite of API's that work to enhance your existing product. Our intuitive technology, convenient features, and value-added business services makes for a one-stop, unbeatable payments API solution.

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Developer API Solutions

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