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Make it easier for your customers to order online.

The entire restaurant and fast food industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift. More and more customers are ordering takeout and delivery orders online via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop instead of using the phone to call in an order. For most people, especially the younger generation, using a smartphone to order food is becoming the “new normal”.

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Online ordering has several advantages over phone ordering:

  • Generate new sales: new customers find your establishment online and order directly.
  • Improved accuracy: the customer chooses everything they want online - no more misheard orders or dissatisfied customers.
  • Accelerate order speed: once the customer pays via the online payment portal the order goes directly into your workflow.
  • Productivity improvements: during busy hours online orders flow into your workflow seamlessly.
  • Cash flow: orders are fully paid for before they enter your workflow. No more unpaid for orders if a customer doesn’t show up.
  • Brand promise: your restaurant projects an image of being modern - important for the fast-food, convenience-loving younger generation.

Online ordering is faster and more efficient for everyone - customers and restaurants alike.

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Kickfin’s restaurant and fast food solution:

At the office, relaxing at home, or on the go, our restaurant ordering solution makes placing orders a breeze. Using any web-enabled device, customers can visit your establishment's online ordering site, browse the menu, make their selections and pay for their orders. We can even help with setting up in-store kiosks which will allow your customers to skip the line, place their orders, and pay in seconds. Yes, it's that easy!

  • Customizable interface design - We understand that you’ve worked hard to build your restaurant’s brand and image in the marketplace. Our online ordering solution puts your branding in the spotlight via custom header design and UI (user interface) elements that express your unique brand personality.
  • Mobile-friendly responsive web-based architecture - Rather than force customers to download yet another app to clutter their home screen, our solution can be used from any device’s web browser: computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Manage orders and payments - With our tablet-based Order Management System, you control orders being sent to the kitchen, identify orders that may require special attention, and easily deal with any payment questions.
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We make it easy for you to enter the online-ordering marketplace.

  • Simple pricing - You only pay for business that is generated through the online ordering system. Outside of modest setup charges and your chosen hardware, there are no monthly fees or “hidden” costs to worry about.
  • Easy to use - Our merchant tools are intuitive and straightforward. Training is minimal and our system integrates easily with your established workflows; making taking these new orders a breeze.
  • Meets Critical Demand - The online ordering marketplace is exploding and consumer demand for this convenience technology shows no signs of slowing down. Our solution allows your merchants to tap into this important new sales channel with minimal cost and effort.
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Ready to increase sales through an online ordering platform, without adding complexity to your restaurant

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