Retail POS and Inventory Management

Point of Sale (POS) & Personalized Inventory Management

The lifeblood of your retail business is a well functioning point-of-sale system that is intimately connected to your inventory management. We offer a seamless solution to ensure that your business runs like clockwork and inventory management is a breeze.

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Kickfin’s POS and Inventory solution

Kickfin’s point-of-sale and inventory platform is a comprehensive solution for your retail business. Customize inventory or stock with our specialized management tools. Our app not only handles all of your point-of-sale (POS) needs, but also takes care of back office management and inventory -- from on-boarding to tracking and simple or complex inventory.

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Keep all product information organized in one easy-to-access location. With product screens you can easily add a product name, description, add an image, create your own tags, variants and options, organize products into collections, and manage suppliers for quick re-ordering.

Keep track of customer orders, make it easier for you to quickly locate the customer information and order status whether it is fulfilled, unfulfilled, and paid or unpaid.

Manage all discounts in one simple view. Discounts can be tricky but with our solution they don’t have to be.

View all taxes you’ve collected through invoices, recurring contracts and orders. Profitability reports based on cost and sale price for each product as well as quantity sold.

Customizable features

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  • stock-control

    Stock control

  • order-management

    Order management

  • customer-products-and-order-history

    Customer products and order history

  • discounts


  • sales-taxes-tracking

    Sales tax tracking

  • inventory-management

    Inventory management

  • profitability


  • rewards-program

    Rewards program

  • ios-app

    iOS App & POS Solution


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