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The tip-out solution you’ve
 been waiting for.

With Kickfin, you’ll save time and money—and make your people happy, too. (We call that a win-win-win.)

Send tips directly to your employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365.

You’re not a bank teller.

Kickfin is the only truly instant way to tip out your whole team—no cash or pay cards required.

Cash shortage, solved

Digitally tip out your entire team in 30 seconds. Funds appear in their accounts right away.

No more bank runs

Other solutions and software are costing you and your employees time, money and hassle.

Implement overnight

No contracts. No setup fees. Onboarding is a breeze — oh, and your first 30 days are free.

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“We explored other tip-out options that claimed to be free, but our employees would have had to deal with ATM fees and transfer fees.”

Nick Morris

TEB Management

“As things are ramping up post-Covid, it’s a relief not to worry about how much cash we’ve got on site. If another group were considering Kickfin, I’d tell them to go for it.”

Taylor Bell

Riot Hospitality Group

“Kickfin saves a significant amount of time at the end of the night when you would be trying to dole out cash.”

Craig Colby

Colby Restaurant Group

Pay cards aren’t free—
or instant

Pay cards are predatory, period: your people will get hit with hidden fees. 

They’re a pain to load up post-shift, and employees don’t want to hassle with another bank account. 

If employees want to transfer funds to their existing bank accounts, it can take up to 4 business days.

Cash is expensive

Cash tips are costly, whether you’re paying for armored cars or hitting up the bank — just to count cash like a teller, while your employees are waiting on the clock. 

Rounding up to the nearest dollar every time you tip out? That adds up, fast. 

Cash tip-outs create tracking and reporting nightmares. 

Wads of cash make you and your staff vulnerable to theft.

Payroll solutions don’t work

Employees can’t afford to wait weeks at a time to get access to their tips. 

You’re competing with other “gig economy” employers that pay people in real time. 

Payroll tip-outs lack transparency and lead to disagreements about calculations.

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