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[Webinar] Building a Compliant Onboarding Program for New Restaurant Hires

In a tough labor market, everyone’s talking about recruiting — but what happens when you actually make a hire?

This week, Kickfin co-hosted a webinar all about building a scalable onboarding process that will reduce turnover and keep you in compliance.

The panelists

We were honored to have an all-star panel of folks who share decades of experience working with hospitality employers.

  • Justin Roberts, Co-founder, Kickfin
  • Jenny Ryyppa-Rodriguez, Territory Manager, Heartland US
  • Beth Schroeder, Partner, Raines Feldman LLP

The agenda

Our panelists focused on three key areas areas of discussion:

  1. Why does onboarding matter?
  2. Top onboarding mistakes restaurant employers make
  3. 5 ways to optimize your onboarding for scalability and compliance

Watch the whole webinar below!


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