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Explore our ever-growing library of tip-out sheet templates. With step-by-step instructions and plug-and-play formulas, they’re a breeze to customize for your team.

Digital Tip Payments: The Low-Risk, High-Reward Automation That Every Restaurant Can Afford

Everyone’s talking about automation, but it’s not always affordable or easy to implement. Enter: digital tipping software. If you’re still counting out cash tip payments in 2021, this guide is for you.

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Should You Use a Third-Party Delivery Service or DIY?

Third-party delivery fees are high — but is building your own channel worth the hassle? Download our guide to find out what’s right for your restaurant.


Interview Template for Restaurateurs

With high turnover and tight competition for labor, your interview process matters. Our free template includes:

  • Easy-to-follow information checklist
  • 10 must-ask questions
  • Instructions for evaluating responses


The Definitive Guide to Restaurant Software

Not sure what your restaurant needs? Download our guide to restaurant software and see:

  • 8 must-have software solutions for restaurants
  • What to consider before buying
  • Top vendors for each solution

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