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Kickfin for Hotels and Resorts

The only end-to-end gratuity management software for hotels

Enable hotel guests to send instant, mobile tips to staff via QR code or Text-to-Tip™.

Pay out tips in real-time to your employees’ bank of choice, 24/7, 365.

Trusted by hotels and F&B outlets across the country

No other digital tipping software gives you the power to manage every tip payment, for every employee — all in one place.

Recruit and retain

Instantly increase take-home pay for tipped employees.

Compliance at scale

Ensure compliance with ever-changing tipping regulations.

Cut costs

Reduce operating costs and tax liability across your org.

Accept mobile tips

With Kickfin, your guests can send instant, mobile tips to valet drivers, bellhops, housekeeping, and guest services staff through Kickfin’s Text-to-Tip technology, or via QR code.

Integrate for scalability

Other digital platforms require manual employee enrollment. Kickfin is fully integrated with your payroll or HCM systems for simple, automated employee onboarding and user management.

Give employees the power of choice

Improve recruiting and reduce turnover when you ensure your staff gets paid how and when they want to get paid. The only digital tipping platform that gives hotel employees multiple pay-out options: 

Ensure tax compliance

Push payment history into your payroll or HCM systems system to ensure tax compliance and get complete visibility into payments.

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