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Win more customers with a cutting-edge payment solution.

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Real-time tip payments

Restaurants can send tips straight to employees’ bank accounts, day or night.

Completely cashless

Automating cash management saves restaurants hours every day and reduces liability.

Easy implementation

Restaurants can get up and running overnight, and employees can enroll in seconds.

Get the (free!) guide to digital tipping

See how automated tip distribution works — and why so many restaurant and hospitality consultants refer their clients to Kickfin.

Supercharge your POS solutions

When you partner with Kickfin and leverage our our tip-out platform, your tech solutions become even more powerful.

Deliver new efficiencies

Your restaurant clients are losing time and money with every other tip-out solution. By partnering with Kickfin, you’ll streamline their process and help them do right by their employees.

Get sticky with your customers

Kickfin will make your robust POS solutions even more powerful. Since it’s the only way to instantly send tips to employees’ bank accounts, Kickfin is just another reason your clients will never want to leave.

Generate revenue with every referral

Our referral program scores quick wins for everyone: your referrals get access to instant tip payments—and you’ll get generous bonus for every restaurant location that you refer to Kickfin.

Roger Kaplan, RK iNNovation
"My priority is improving profitability for my clients. Using Kickfin to digitize tip payouts can have a huge impact on operations, productivity and employee satisfaction."
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Roger Kaplan

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