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Blackjack Pizza & Salads Eliminates Bank Run Headaches

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Blackjack Pizza & Salads has been delivering handcrafted pizza since 1983.


Rocky Mountain region

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Delivery and Dine-In

“We run a very lean organization. In a situation like ours where we’re increasing the number of stores and increasing volume, the efficiency of Kickfin helps us tremendously.”

Dale Roberts

Franchise Owner, Blackjack Pizza

Meet Dale.

Dale Roberts is the owner and operator of two Blackjack Pizza & Salads locations in Longmont and Fort Collins, Colorado. Blackjack is in the pizza delivery business, but it’s also known for making everything in-house, from the pizza to the salad dressing.

A great day for Dale is when sales are strong and he can focus on exceeding customer expectations rather than fixing issues. “Lucky for me, not much throws us off our game these days — not even a pandemic!”

Dale had been paying his drivers in cash nightly along with compensation for delivery mileage. Credit card usage was already at 80% by early 2020 and a slow night could mean that a store would not generate enough cash to tip out easily.

“I was tired of running out of cash each night and having to make frequent bank runs,” said Dale. “It was very time consuming and a tracking nightmare for my accountant.” He also knew that third-party delivery services, like Grubhub and UberEats, were paying out nightly through direct deposit. So, he went hunting for a workable option.

Blackjack partners with Kickfin at the “perfect time”

Dale posted to a Facebook group of about 800 pizza professionals, asking whether anyone knew of a solution that already existed. A fellow restaurant owner clued him into Kickfin as an option.

“I contacted Kickfin by email and received a response immediately,” he recalls. “I really value finding this solution at the perfect time.”

Shortly after engaging and implementing Kickfin, the COVID-19 lockdown drove Blackjack’s credit card sales up to 95%. “If I had to keep dealing with the bank directly, which closed its lobby, I might have gone insane.”

Kickfin is now a normal part of how Dale’s Blackjack operations onboard new delivery drivers and it provides him with easier accounting and an overall healthier bank account.

“I highly recommend it,” said Dale, whose advocacy of the platform within Blackjack has already resulted in some of his fellow franchisees using it too.

“The time it saves for our process overall is worth the monthly fee. And I have no more bank runs!”

“The time it saves for our process overall is well worth every penny. I highly recommend Kickfin.”

Dale Roberts

Franchise Owner, Blackjack Pizza

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