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Kickfin Improves Accounting Accuracy and Delivers Next-Level Efficiency at Pouring With Heart

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Established in 2002, Pouring With Heart set out to revive downtown Los Angeles through original bar and brewery concepts along with the restoration of neighborhood bar staples. 


California, Texas and Colorado

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“What I love about Kickfin is the way it streamlines processes for better results, from both an accounting and an operational perspective. It’s made a huge difference.”

Chris Gieske

Director of Accounting,
Pouring With Heart

Meet Chris.

Before he became an accountant, Chris Gieske spent 10 years working in front-end hospitality.

Which means now, as the Director of Accounting for Pouring With Heart, he’s got a pretty firm grasp of the inner workings of a restaurant, from every angle. He’s experienced, first hand, challenges and pain points that restaurant teams deal with operationally, financially, as employers and employees.

Chris knows all too well that old-school tip payments cause problems across the board.

“Cash tip-outs really clogged up our back-end accounting,” Chris said. “Operators were taking out a half day of work to deal with cash management, they were making bank runs, we were running into reconciliation issues — it was a lot.”

Taking efficiency to the next level

“We were at a point where we needed to streamline everything: front-end processes, back-end processes, employee payments,” Chris said. “That’s why we initially signed up for Kickfin.”

Pouring With Heart has been using Kickfin since 2019, and they’ve seen consistent, measurable ROI — especially as they’ve continued to grow beyond their original California footprint and into new regions.

Chris said that Kickfin benefits include:

  • Employee satisfaction: PWH workers — like most hospitality folks — want to get paid instantly, and in a competitive labor market, Kickfin helps keep employees happy. Chris said the software has proven to be reliable and trustworthy.
  • Accurate, streamlined accounting: Kickfin has removed a lot of the “discussion around theoretical deposits,” and it’s minimized human error and reconciliation issues.
  • Time savings: The PWH team no longer has to spend hours dealing with problems and workarounds due to cash shortages.
  • Simple setup: Chris said it was easy to get Kickfin up and running, and he was able to leave most of the front-implementation to his GMs. When his team has had questions, Kickfin support has been easy to reach and quick to help.

“This is where we’re going in the future. Thanks to Covid, people are moving away from cash handling. It’s made it really easy for our team to embrace Kickfin.”

Chris Gieske

Director of Accounting, Pouring With Heart

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