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Restaurant and Hospitality Consultant Finds Value With Kickfin

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Triple Enterprises has a proven track record of buying, selling, running and financing high-quality restaurant and hospitality groups.


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Kickfin Use Case

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“Kickfin just works, really, really well.”

Eric Williams Triple Enterprises headshot

Eric Williams

Senior Accountant, Triple Enterprises

Meet Eric.

Restaurant accounting can get pretty messy — from poor visibility into cash flow, to keeping an eye out for fraud and human error, to infrequent or improper reporting. Doing accounting the “right” way is a challenge that many restaurant owners are not equipped (or eager) to handle.

Of course, that’s where restaurant and hospitality consulting firms like Triple Enterprises come in. Eric Williams, a senior accountant with Triple Enterprises, has an extensive background in financial services and has made a career out of helping his restaurant clients navigate the ins and outs of daily accounting.

When Eric recently discovered Kickfin, his job got a lot easier.

A simple solution
One of Eric’s clients chose to purchase Kickfin after learning how it can save restaurants time and money — all while reducing liability and keeping employees happy.

Most restaurants using Kickfin to instantly tip out employees choose to handle the software in-house, as it’s quick to implement and comes with virtually no learning curve.

But Eric’s client requested that his firm distribute tips through the platform since they already were handling all other financial aspects for the company.

“It works really, really well,” Eric said. “It’s easy to pull reports and make payments.”

Kickfin’s accounting benefits

Since Eric started tipping out his client’s employees through Kickfin, he’s noted the following advantages that both his team and his client’s restaurant business have experienced.

  • Reduced liability: Because of Kickfin, Eric’s client now keeps significantly less cash on the premises, reducing liability for the business and making it a safer employees and guests.
  • Efficiency: Eric uses Kickfin to tip out about 50 employees. That process has become fast and seamless — saving managers onsite up to 45 minutes per shift from counting and distributing cash.
  • Tracking: With Kickfin, there’s an added layer of transparency: Eric said it’s easy to look back to see exactly who got paid, when they got paid, and how much they got paid — minimizing any disputes or disagreements between employees and management.
  • Reporting: Eric said pulling reports is straightforward, so if they ever run into any reconciliation issues (which hasn’t happened yet!), he knows that feature will come in handy.

“Kickfin is a great product. I really can’t think of a way it could be any easier to use.”

Eric Williams Triple Enterprises headshot

Eric Williams

Senior Accountant, Triple Enterprises

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