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Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles Switches from Cash Tips to Kickfin

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Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles is a famous soul food restaurant chain founded in 1975.



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“Time is everything for our managers,” Christine said. “With Kickfin, they spend less time doing nonsense clerical work and can focus on what really matters.”

Christine Seo

Christine Seo

Operations Manager, Roscoe’s

Meet Christine.

Christine Seo is the Operations Supervisor for Roscoe’s eight Los Angeles locations. One of her many responsibilities involves overseeing more than 150 tipped employees.

Since it was founded more than 40 years ago, Roscoe’s had distributed gratuities in cash on a daily basis.

“Especially in our larger restaurants, our managers were probably spending two to three hours a day just counting money,” Christine said. “It’s really such a waste of time.”

Aside from the time that cash tips eat up, Christine said the amount of cash flow was a major liability for both the restaurant and her employees.

“We’re open late. Many of our employees leave the restaurant sometime between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., with a lot of cash in their pockets. That’s not safe anywhere, especially in a big city like L.A.,” Christine said

Roscoe’s makes the switch

Cash tips were costing Roscoe’s time, money and safety. But alternatives like payroll tips or pay cards weren’t an option: Christine and her team wanted to make sure that their people got paid every day, in real time.

So when they heard about Kickfin, it seemed like the perfect solution: tips get sent instantly and directly to employees’ bank accounts — which meant zero time wasted counting money, and a lot less cash floating around the premises.

Christine said implementation was fast and easy. While some employees had reservations about the change, they quickly got on board.

“Some of them were skeptical at first, but they realized it reduces a lot of risk and saves time,” Christine said. “Everyone loves it.”

  • Employees are safer: Christine and her team care about the safety of their employees. With Kickfin, their people are much less vulnerable to theft — since their money is safely in their accounts every night, instead of their wallets.
  • Financial health is prioritized: When employees’ money goes straight into their bank accounts, they’re less likely to spend it on spur-of-the-moment or unnecessary purchases.
  • Managers have more time: Because they’re not spending hours counting cash every day, managers can focus on more critical tasks.
    Reporting is easy: Christine said pulling reports on Kickfin is simple and increases visibility for her whole team, across all of their locations.
  • Time to launch was swift: Even for a multi-location restaurant group, setting up Kickfin was seamless, and the Kickfin team was there every step of the way.

“Everyone loves Kickfin.”

Christine Seo

Christine Seo

Operations Manager, Roscoe’s

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