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Automated Tip-outs, Excellent Support: Why This Walk-On’s Franchisee Chose Kickfin

Hospitality Group | Full-service

About the franchise

Walk-On’s is a leading full-service family sports bar that provides Louisiana takes on game day favorites. As of 2021, Walk-On’s operates more than 50 locations across the country, with plans to open at least 25 more in the coming year.

About the franchisee

Chris McJunkins is an industry veteran who opened Walk-On’s first franchise location in 2015. Chris also operates Cantina Laredo and Windrush Grill, two of Shreveport’s most well-loved restaurants.

Company type

Hospitality group

Service type

Full service

“When you automate anything, you often sacrifice personalization and service. That’s not the case with Kickfin. We love the tech, but on top of that — the level of real, human support has blown our expectations out of the water.”

Chris McJunkins

CEO, Chris McJunkins Hospitality

Chris McJunkins Hospitality had a problem.

Chris is a seasoned restaurateur who operate a number of successful concepts under his umbrella, including five Walk-On’s locations across two states as well as Cantina Laredo and Windrush Grill in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Cash had become a kink in an otherwise well-oiled machine: more credit card transactions meant less cash on hand, so managers were constantly leaving the floor and going to the bank.

Of course, that was in addition to the other cash headaches that their team had grown accustomed to, like accounting and reporting errors, liability and safety issues, and tip disputes.

An employee-approved solution.

In a tough labor market, Chris wanted to do everything he could to keep his workers safe and satisfied. So, when an employee suggested he take a look at Kickfin, he listened.

And when Chris discovered Kickfin could solve their tip-out troubles for good, he didn’t think twice.

“We’re finding that more and more employees are expecting to get paid out with Kickfin,” Chris said. “They want instant payments, of course — but until Kickfin, cash was the only way to do that.”

Chris said he’s been “beyond impressed” with the level of support that he’s received from the Kickfin team. Restaurant owners get a lot of attention from sales folks — but when a deal actually gets done, it’s always a toss-up as to whether they’ll get the ongoing support they need.

“Suffice it to say, Kickfin has exceeded our expectations when it comes to customer service,” Chris said. “Implementation was quick and easy; part of that’s due to the nature of the technology, but it’s also a testament to the customer success team.”

Chris said that his great service experience didn’t drop off after Kickfin was up and running. “Response time is typically within hours or less, and I’m always able to talk to an actual person when we have a question or request.”

“The best place for employees’ earnings is their bank accounts — so why not send it straight there? Kickfin just makes sense.”

Chris McJunkins

CEO, Chris McJunkins Hospitality

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