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Kickfin for Cafes and Bakeries

Simple, instant, and accurate tip payments—so no one gets short changed.

Those tips aren't going to distribute themselves.
(But with Kickfin, they kind of do.)

Does everything come to a grinding halt when it’s time to distribute tips? With Kickfin, the pay-out process is as smooth as the coffee you’re pouring.

The fastest way to tip out

End-of-shift just got a whole lot easier: with Kickfin, you can tip out your whole team in less than a minute.

Setup is a cinch

No implementation or registration fees, and no contracts, ever. Restaurants can get up and running overnight.

Connects to every bank

Kickfin connects to 100% of all 10,000 banks, so tips go straight to your workers’ bank accounts.

Solve for cash shortages

Never have enough cash on hand to tip out? Switch to Kickfin and send payments directly to employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. 

Cut costs overnight

Cash tip distributions take time. By digitizing and automating the tip distribution process, you’ll save everyone time and money—and see immediate ROI.

Reduce employee turnover

Other solutions are hard on your workers: prepaid cards come with hidden fees, and payroll tips require long wait times. Kickfin is fast, easy — and employees love it.

Humblemaker coffee using Kickfin
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"Kickfin is a no-brainer. You just don't have to think about tipping out anymore."
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Chris Smith
Co-founder, Humblemaker Coffee Co.