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Pizza, take-out, and other delivery restaurants

Your people want instant payments. Kickfin delivers. 

Trusted by pizza and delivery restaurants across the country

Recruit and retain like nobody’s business.

Struggling with worker shortages? You’re not alone. Kickfin gives you the power to send instant digital tips straight to your employees’ bank accounts—so you can stop losing labor to daily pay, gig-economy employers.

Tip out in seconds

Your team is on the go — and Kickfin is too. Send tip payments instantly, from anywhere, in a matter of seconds.

Go cashless

Cash tip payments are a major liability. Eliminate bank runs and reduce risk when you distribute tips digitally.


Hire more drivers

Employees expect (and deserve!) instant tip payments. Kickfin makes employers more appealing to job candidates.

Your managers aren’t bank tellers.

Cash has always been a pain. Distributions take time, tracking is a nightmare, liability is high. Now, with more credit card transactions than ever before, there’s no reason not to get Kickfin (and leave cash payments behind).

Delivery drivers expect instant tip payments.

Workers are in high demand. If they’re not getting instant payments from you, they might go elsewhere. Kickfin solves for cash shortages while keeping you competitive with other employers.

Easiest implementation, ever

Technology should make your life easier, starting day one. That’s why we designed Kickfin to be virtually foolproof. Setup is fast and simple, there are no contracts or startup fees, and your first month is completely free.

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“We were running out of cash every day. We explored other tip-out options that claimed to be free, but our employees would have had to deal with ATM fees and transfer fees. We chose Kickfin because it sends tips straight to our team's bank accounts.”

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Nick Morris
Director of Operations, TEB Management