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Kickfin for Private Clubs​

Instant employee payments for golf, country and other private clubs.

Attract more employees with instant payments.

Hiring is harder than it’s ever been. Kickfn gives you the power to pay out tips instantly, so you can compete in a tough labor market. (Bonus: your employees will be pumped.)

Faster than payroll

Your tips are in your bank account the second your employer tips you out.

Completely cashless

No more hassling with pay cards or waiting for your next paycheck to get your tips.

Easy implementation

With money in your bank account (not in your pockets), you’re less vulnerable to theft.

Truly instant payments

Restaurants use Kickfin to send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts, 24/7/365. 

Attract and retain the best of the best

Many hospitality employees can’t afford to wait two weeks for wages. With Kickfin, they don’t have to.

Support from real humans

We designed Kickfin to be insanely easy to use. But if you need us? We’ve got you covered.

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“We explored other tip-out options that claimed to be free, but our employees would have had to deal with ATM fees and transfer fees.”

Nick Morris

TEB Management

“As things are ramping up post-Covid, it’s a relief not to worry about how much cash we’ve got on site. If another group were considering Kickfin, I’d tell them to go for it.”

Taylor Bell

Riot Hospitality Group

“Kickfin saves a significant amount of time at the end of the night when you would be trying to dole out cash.”

Craig Colby

Colby Restaurant Group