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Your tips, straight to your bank —
the second your shift ends

It’s really that simple. Kickfin is all about giving restaurant employees the financial freedom they deserve.

Your hard-earned money should never take a detour.


Your tips are in your bank account the second your employer tips you out.


No more hassling with pay cards or waiting for your next paycheck to get your tips.


With money in your bank account (not in your pockets), you’re less vulnerable to theft.

Refer a restaurant. Make money.

When you refer a restaurant , we’ll give you a generous bonus for every location that starts using Kickfin because of you.

Enroll in seconds.

When your employer uses Kickfin, you can set up your account 3 easy steps. No app downloads, no routing numbers, no voided checks. All you need is your debit card.

1. Sign in

Click a secure Kickfin link that’s sent to directly via email and text.

2. Set up

Enter your name, address, and debit card number. For security, we’ll never store your bank details.

3. Get paid

 That’s it. The next time you’re tipped out, you’ll instantly get a text notification that funds are ready and waiting in your account.

You'll never go back.

40+ restaurants, bars and hospitality groups across the country are distributing tips with Kickfin — and we’ve never had a customer switch back to cash!

Cash was a nightmare. Kickfin is better for our operations, and our employees feel safe with their tips in the bank.

craig colby

Craig Colby

Owner, Colby Restaurant Group

Our employees understand the importance of customer service more than ever. Kickfin puts an extra pep in their step.

Brett Jackson

Dickey’s Barbecue

“Our employees get a notification that they’ve been paid before they even leave the restaurant.”

Gerald Tipton

President and Partner, LuLu’s

“Kickfin offers an advantage over other employers in a tough hiring market.”

Stephen DeSousa 

CEO, Broadway Hospitality Group

“LOVE IT. Has saved me 5 hours a week and my managers 15 hours a week.”

Peter Woodman

Crave Hospitality Group

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