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Accept Digital Tips

Your guests aren't carrying cash — but your team relies on tips.

Give your hotel guests the power to instantly tip valet attendants, bellhops, housekeeping, and guest services staff via QR code or Text-to-Tip™. 

Designed for enterprise, independents, and everyone in between.

It’s the best of both worlds: enterprise-grade software that’s a cinch to setup — whether you’re operating a single hotel or a nationwide franchise.

Optimize operations

Reduce operating costs, ensure tax compliance and improve recruiting — at zero cost to you.

Increase tip volumes

Increase your staff’s take-home pay when you ensure they never miss out on a hard-earned tip again.

Delight your guests

Create an on-brand experience for guests who want to tip their service providers (but aren’t carrying cash).

Go beyond the QR code.

With Kickfin, your hotel guests can send instant tips by scanning a QR code — or you can created an elevated guest experience with our unique Text-to-Tip™ technology.

Easy, automated employee enrollment

User management shouldn’t be a full-time job. Kickfin integrates with your existing tech stack for scalability, so you can easily add, dismiss or update employees across all of your sites.

Instantly tip out your people

With Kickfin, you can digitize every part of the tip payment process. Give your people instant access to their tips by sending payments directly to their existing bank accounts, the second their shift ends — 24/7, 365. 

(Or: put tips on payroll or on pay cards.)

Stay compliant with ever-changing tipping laws

Kickfin integrates with your payroll and HCM systems for robust tracking and reporting — while ensuring your organization is maintaining compliance with complicated federal and state tipping regulations.

Ready to go cashless?